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“The healthier your digestive system is, the better your body burns calories, says NYC nutritionist Charles Passler. To ease digestion, he suggests consuming gut-healthy probiotics (found in kombucha or kimchi) or taking a supplement like Probiogen Daily Digestive Balance ($40)”

"Beauty Inside & Out | Honoring Your Microbiome + An Informative Chat With A Microbiologist." Rose & Ivy.

“The old idea of "you are what you eat" is better understood as "you are what you absorb." – Editor, Rose & Ivy

"Upgrade Your Probiotics With Prebiotics."

Quote: “…[I]t can be as simple as adding some banana slices to your yogurt, or eating some asparagus sauteed with garlic after you pop a probiotic supplement, such as Probiogen.” - Elizabeth Millard,

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“5 Probiotic Products That'll Help Your Skin & Stomach Health.”

Quote: “If you're a one-and-done kinda gal, get yourself a bottle of Probiogen.” – Sara Tan,

“Applying Makeup at Your Desk? The 8 Gross Things You Didn’t Realize You’re Doing.”

Quote: Featuring Kiran Krishnan, microbiologist and scientific advisor for Probiogen.     Also Shared on

“A Daily Probiotic Could Improve More Than Your Stomach.”

Quote: “…[I]t turns out your daily probiotic has even more impact on your day-to-day health than previously thought and now there’s the science to prove it.” - Roxanne Adamiyatt,

Origin Magazine, Issue 29

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Origin Magazine, Issue 28

View our ad as featured in Origin: The Vegan Conscious Culture Magazine

"Best New Item in Show Award Winner"

Probiogen™ Weight Management Probiotic is awarded "Best New Item in Show Award Winner" at the ECRM Show in Tampa, Florida.


Introduction to Probiogen™ Brand Probiotics and Smart Spore Technology™

Health Benefits of Probiogen Probiotics with Smart Spore Technology

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